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Mod~DJ~Host post!♥

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Hello, This is your Dj AnJi aka xiao! Welcome to In a Trance a Livejournal community!
We are all here to celebrate our common interest and love for trance, trapara, DJ, raving, clubbing, So let's do it big!

Please feel free to introduce yourself~ we’d like to get to know our fellow tra-paralist, DJ's, and trance listeners. Include in your introduction favorite song, series, location, name/alias, why your interested in trance..etc…as formal or informal as you like!

if possible Include a picture also, to keep things interesting and fun. please be reminded that large photo's must be under a lj cut for courtesy reasons.

Please stay tune for Scans of Cd and DvD release flyers, Mp3, DVD and CD Reviews…and much more! You yourself may post to your hearts content as long as the information text and photo’s are trance/electronic related.

Please keep it cordial, and keep it fun! Obey the rules and we will all be on the same page in no time!
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Quick Requests!
Looking for a new Layout, matching icon, and banners! Will someone be soo kind as to create one for the community! Willing to pay!

Looking for another Mod! Please inquire to angelcatsmiles@yahoo.com

Looking for Trance Fans, please invite many of your friends who are interested in Trance, Trapara, Vocal Trance, parapara,club scene!

Thank you, and enjoy~
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